The Digitales Digest – Edition Five

digitales digest banner 2It’s Friday…which means it’s time for the Digitales Digest! It’s our weekly roundup of some of the most interesting articles we’ve discovered and shared on social media over the past few days – because we love reading cool things, and we’d hate for you to miss out on a single thing!

Consider this your Friday guide to some of the web’s best links…

Round the twist

annie-spratt-191121What does the way you draw a circle say about you? More than you think, actually! The people at Google created an online game that asked people to draw shapes and images, and used that data to compare how people around the world draw circles. The results will have your head spinning!

Oh no, Lego

Have you ever woken up, bleary-eyed, to find you’ve – err, “accidentally” – purchased two metric tonnes of Lego bricks on eBay the previous night? No, it hasn’t happened to us either. However, this is exactly what happened to Jacques Mattheij.

Once the Lego motherlode arrived on his doorstep, Mattheij faced the monumental task of sorting through it all. Using a computer, cameras, an old treadmill, bits of furniture, wood…and, of course, Lego, he built a complicated, Lego-sorting machine. Here it is in action – click here to find out more!


When we found out about the Dog Photographer of the Year award, we were pretty excited.

Sadly, the Dog Photographer of the Year award isn’t awarded to the best photo taken by a dog, but the best photo taken by a human of a dog – which is the next best thing!

These pupper paw-traits have us wagging our tails in glee. Here are just some of our many, many favourites. Prepare to go “aww!” in three, two, one. Click here to take a look at the rest!

dogs2 dogs3 dogs1


Yesterday was World Yoga Day…which had us wondering what would happen if we combined two of our favourite things: yoga and reading? Luckily, Do You Yoga has the answers, with seven yoga poses that are absolutely perfect for bookish types!


On the Digitales Blog…

This week, things got a little weird when we reviewed eel-good hit of the year, A Cure for Wellness.


Next week, we’ll have another movie featuring a giant castle on a hill – the new, live action version of Beauty and the Beast! Keep an eye on the blog on Monday for our review. And join us on Wednesday, when we’ll be taking a look at our top ten new releases for July.

It’s going to be a big, big week. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you then!

Fast Five Review: A Cure for Wellness

acureforwellnessbannerA Cure for Wellness
Thriller | 2017

Lockheart is a young executive, sent by the board of his company to a remote Swiss wellness spa to retrieve their errant CEO. The residents are all blissed-out, middle-aged former executives, who wear white and play croquet and tennis on the lawn – and drink a lot of water, which comes from a spring beneath the facility and is known for its healing properties. When he’s injured a car accident on his way back down the mountain, Lockheart seems to have little choice but to remain at the spa until he’s better. Things are about to get weird. Very weird…

1) Did you like it?

Yes and no…but mostly no. Let me explain.

2) Why?

Let’s start with the positives. A Cure for Wellness is a visually stunning film. Everything about the film’s setting is perfect – the impossibly huge castle with décor that looks like something from another era, the crisp colours, the stark white uniforms. It’s so incredibly elegant. And the film gets off to a really good start, too. It’s an inspired choice to make Lockheart such an unsympathetic character, and actor Dane DeHaan does an amazing job not only bringing him to life, but bringing the viewer over to his side, too.

acureforwellnessblogThe thing is, A Cure for Wellness is long. Way too long. The lingering tension that’s present in the first part of the film is dragged out until it’s stretched beyond all recognition. Then, there’s the film’s conclusion, with a “twist” that anyone could have seen coming miles off and a final confrontation that feels anticlimactic. What could have been a smart, stylish and supremely creepy movie – the cult classic it so desperately wants to be – is all, in the end, just a little silly.

3) You’ll enjoy this movie if…

Maybe if you fast-forward through a few scenes in the middle? Or perhaps I’ve just got a short attention span, and you’ll love it? Watch it and prove me wrong!

4) This movie made me think about…

For what it’s worth, this film does have a few very unsettling scenes and images that eel-y stuck in my mind…

5) Overall rating?

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…


The Digitales Digest – Edition Four

digitales digest banner 2

Welcome back to the Digitales Digest – the post where we share some of the best things we’ve found on social media during the week! We pride ourselves on sharing the most interesting links around, so consider our Digitales Digest posts the very best of the best. With honours.

Babysitters, penguins, whales – and Wonder Woman. They don’t have much in common, but somehow, we managed to cover them all in this week’s post…

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Fast Five Review: Logan

Action | 2017

Logan, aka Wolverine, has seen better days. He’s old, tired and fed up, working as a limo driver to help look after Charles Xavier, who has an incredibly powerful mind that’s slowly being destroyed by a degenerative illness. There have been no new mutants born in the past 25 years, making Logan and Charles among the last of their kind. That’s until Logan encounters a powerful new mutant – a young girl with remarkable powers…and dark forces already on her tail.

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Fast Five Review: The Great Wall (2016)

mattdamonthegreatwallThe Great Wall
2016 | M | Action

The Great Wall of China: it took 1700 years to build, and it’s 5500 miles long. What were the ancient Chinese trying to keep out? Probably Matt Damon. Unperturbed, he stars in this clunky but colourful film about trust, courage – and skewering lots of monsters. Yeah.

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The Digitales Digest – Edition Two

digitales digest banner 2We’re back with the second post in our shiny new Digitales Digest series – where, every Friday, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting links we’ve posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages during the week…just in case there’s anything you’ve missed!

For Edition Two of the Digitales Digest, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Let’s get started…

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Top Ten June New Releases

newreleases banner2We know we say this every month…but too bad, because we’re saying it again! We have some amazing new release films and TV series due to hit the shelves in June! We’ve selected just ten to have a little bit of a rave about.

Hope you’re ready, because – in no particular order – here they are…

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Fast Five Review: Moonlight (2016)

2016 | M | Drama

Chiron is growing up poor, African American and gay in one of Miami’s toughest neighbourhoods. His mother is addicted to drugs and he’s relentlessly bullied at school. The odds are stacked against him. In Moonlight, we meet Chiron three times: the first as a child, the second as a teenager and the third as an adult.

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The Digitales Digest, Edition One

digitales digest banner 2

Welcome to the very first edition of The Digitales Digest – a series of regular posts in which we’ll take a look at a few of the things we’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter during the week. After all, we pride ourselves on posting interesting, fun articles, memes and more – and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the very best of them!

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