Fast Five Review: Space Dandy (2014)


Review by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

It’s a fun sci-fi parody. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but it goes for 2 seasons, which in my opinion is a bit much…

2. Why/Why not?

Space Dandy does what it says on the box – he’s a dandy guy: in space! Dandy is a vain, girl-chasing bounty hunter who travels the galaxy looking for new alien species to capture for cash. He travels with an adorable and put-upon robot assistant, and an alien who looks like a cat. There are plenty of puerile and absurd laughs to be had, if that’s what you’re into. The creators have clearly watched a lot of shows like Blakes 7, The Jetsons and UFO (or their Japanese equivalents). The more trashy, low budget vintage sci-fi you’ve seen, the funnier you’ll find this.

3. “You would enjoy this series if…”

You’re really into anime and want to know how Japan would do a show like Red Dwarf (not that this is anywhere near as brilliant as Red Dwarf).

4. “This series made me think…”

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched much anime, and I just don’t understand all its tropes and quirks anymore.

5. Stars out of five?