Mini Make Day: Library’s State-of-the-Art Makerspace

Last Sunday, Melbourne Library Service’s Library at the Dock held its first Mini Make Day: a chance for Melbourne’s maker community to show off, and for the public to learn about what’s going on around town in robotics and electronics, 3D printing, costume making and computer games.

Nodebots Table

Some great organisations showed up from all corners of Melbourne:

Scred + GGA Tables

And of course, the Library’s state-of-the-art makerspace was on show as well. I was there with CCHS, and would say the day was a big success. The library was packed!

The Crowd

Some people were already into DIY technology, and some were just curious to see what this whole maker thing is all about. It was a pleasure to talk to them all, and to see everyone’s excitement at experiencing some new technologies for the first time. People got to try out motion-detecting interactive art, a virtual reality headset, and a full body 3D scanner, amongst other things. I got to try out a Google Glass for the first time, but let’s just say it’s not made for people who wear glasses already…

Jen with Glass

Overall Mini Make Day was lots of fun, and I look forward to the next one.

If you’re not in Melbourne and would like to learn more about the maker movement, check out your local Hackerspace, library makerspace or Men’s Shed, and get making!

CCHS Table