10 Gifts Every Librarian Should Ask For This Year


Are you a librarian, or do you know someone who is a librarian? From posters to adorn your walls, tote bags to carry your books and candles that smell like old books, this list of gift ideas has things you never knew you needed!

1) Library Date Stamp Tote Bag


$16.55 | Zazzle | Buy Now

This due date-inspired tote bag is made out of 100% cotton and has strong handles with reinforced stitching. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s classy, and it’s perfect for carrying your library books.

2) I Still Believe Necklace


$12.65+ | Etsy | Buy Now

According to the Dewey Decimal System, the 398.2 section of the library contains folktales, fairytales and fables of the world. This one is for you fairytale-lovers!

3) Library card coaster set



$18 | Book Riot | Buy Now

Express your love for libraries in no time with these colourful coasters! Purchasing a set also means that you’re sending one book to a community in need, so that’s two birds with one stone.

4) ‘Forget The Cooking’ Poster


$15.40 | Zazzle | Buy Now

Do you often find yourself ignoring your chores in favour of reading? You’re not the only one, and this poster will give you that much-needed validation.

5) Virginia Woolf Cushion


£18 | The Literary Gift Company | Buy Now

If some of your happiest hours have been spent in your local public library, this cushion will look perfect perched on your own couch! It’s made out of 100% cotton, and you can also get just the cushion cover if you have a polyester inner lying around.

6) Paperback Cologne Spray

Paperback fragrance spray

$38.95 | Cosmetics Now | Buy Now

Made for men, this fragrance delivers an aged paper scent tastefully blended with a sprinkling of violet and a dash of potpourri. Recommended for daytime or casual use!

7) Oxford Library Soy Candle

Oxford library soy candle

$25.55 | Etsy | Buy Now

Handmade by Frostbeard Studio, this soy candle was inspired by antique wood columns and stacks of leather-bound books. It’s slightly masculine and has a refreshing blend of oakmoss, amber, sandalwood and leather. Perfect for making your own personal library smell like the Oxford Library!

7) Library Card Socks (Yellow)


$10 | Out of Print | Buy Now

Comfortable and chic. this pair of socks take you back to the times where library cards were still the main way of keeping track of books, borrowers and due dates. Also available in blue and grey.

8) Library Card iPhone Case


$14.18 | Etsy | Buy Now

Remember the days of the date stamp? This iPhone case will remind you to return your library books on time as well as protect your gadget from daily wear and tear and the accidental drop! Suitable for select iPhone models.

9) ‘Guide to the Library’ Print


$51.11 | Etsy | Buy Now

Available in more than 50 colours, this handy poster features a quick guide to the Dewey Decimal System. Perfect as an addition to the walls of any library, public, private or personal!

10) ‘Atlas of a Librarian’s Brain’ Mug

Atlas of a librarian brain mug

$15.50 | Cafe Press | Buy Now

Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe for the busy librarian, this mug will hold your drink as well as make you laugh out loud in the middle of your workday. Also available in a colour-changing design.

What other gifts would you like to get this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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