Fast Five Review: The Paradise Season 1-2


2014 | PG | Drama
Reviewed by Maya

1) Did you like it?

Yes – I watched the whole 2 series in less than a week.

2) Why?

It was perfect holiday viewing. The characters are simple and endearing; the set and costumes are whimsical; the plot moves along at a comfortable pace with the right amount of tension balanced with assurance that nothing tragic is going to happen. It’s similar to the sense of security you get from re-reading one of your favourite books. The perfect mix of romance, history and fluff!

3) “You would like this series if…”

You enjoyed watching Downton Abbey and enjoy simple, feel-good stories and honest, likeable characters.

4) “This series made me think…”

How far women’s rights have come and how hard it would have been to earn respect as a woman in the late 19th century. I also marvelled at how easy it was for businesses to implement incentives – there appeared to be no red tape. Got an idea? Just do it!

5) Overall rating?