Fast Five Review: The Fantastic Four (2015)


2015 | M | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Reviewed by Celia

1) Did you like it?


2) Why?

I knew that this film had poor reviews but I still wasn’t prepared for how terrible it was. I decided to watch it because I was in the mood for a relatively mindless, entertaining action film. However, the film was so poor—lacking character depth, suspense, humour, and plot that it was hard to know how far into the film we were.

It was just so lame it is hard to put into words. There is no excuse either because this type of genre has a tried and true formula (albeit it might be predictable but at least usually is guaranteed to be entertaining) and they had the comic books to guide them.

3) “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You would perhaps enjoy this more if you were a bit younger—the imagery is fun and it is a family-friendly story line. One good thing about it is that the female characters weren’t overly sexualised, though Susan’s character was still pretty one-dimensional.

4) “This made me think about…”

Nothing to do with the film. My mind wandered to other action films and other thoughts.

5) Overall rating?