Fast Five Review: Fargo Year Two (CD)


2016 | Music | Soundtrack
Reviewed by Jennifer

Song soundtrack of the second chapter of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed anthology series Fargo!

1. Did you like it?

Yes, it was a nice chilled-out album to listen to while I worked.

2. Why?

First of all, a confession: I haven’t actually seen Fargo – either the original movie or the TV series – so I can’t talk about how well the music worked with the show.

But I did enjoy the soundtrack’s quirky mixture of funky 70’s tunes, folk and Americana, including a few great modern interpretations of old-timey classics that you might recognise from another awesome soundtrack, for the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.

3. “You would enjoy this album if…”

If you enjoyed the music from season 1 of True Detective, but wish it wasn’t quite so dark and brooding. This soundtrack is eclectic enough to be interesting, but fun and comfortable enough to be familiar and pleasant listening.

4. “This album made me think…”

I should listen to more Americana and alternative country music.

5. Overall rating?