ALIA National 2016 Conference Highlights


The ALIA National 2016 Conference was one of our most highly anticipated events of the year. Held in Adelaide from Monday, August 29 to Friday, September 2, 2016, the conference had tons of interesting keynotes, programs and workshops tailored for librarians, information technicians, educators, and other library professionals.

Check out what parts of the conference caught our eye below. 

The exhibitors’ booths

From Tuesday to Thursday, Digitales was at Booth 13. We were excited to promote two of our newest (and most exciting!) products: the Storytime PODs (also available as a 12-inch wall-mount tablet) and the Playaway Launchpads. Both products are new to Australia and will help libraries deliver a more interactive user experience for their patrons.

IMG_20160830_112558 IMG_20160830_112700 IMG_20160830_135418

Funded by the Australian Research Council, the Library and Information Science Research Australia project booth asked: what research topics should be explored in the Australian LIS profession in the next 5 years?

They invited visitors to contribute their answers using sticky notes (click on the images to view).

IMG_0695  IMG_0698

IMG_0696  IMG_0697


The ALIA booth invited delegates to ‘Plant the seeds for success’ and asked them to finish the sentence ‘In 80 years time…’

IMG_0700  IMG_0699


While not manning the booth, we were roaming the conference hall to take a look at the displays other exhibitors had set up.

Lessons from the keynote sessions

The keynote address on Thursday, delivered by Dr Neil Carrington from Act for Kids, gave listeners insights and tools to develop leadership skills and become transformational leaders.

Our favourite slides are below:

IMG_0728  IMG_0730

IMG_0736  IMG_0738

IMG_0739  IMG_0740

The ‘Harvest’ conference dinner

The conference isn’t just all about learning – there are celebrations to be had too! On Wednesday night librarians and exhibitors hit the dance floor after an indulgent three-course ‘Harvest’ dinner, sponsored by Routledge Taylor & Francis.

Harvest-Conference-Dinner-1  Harvest-Conference-Dinner-2  Harvest-Conference-Dinner-3

ALIA’s relaxation Station

Who wouldn’t like to relax and enjoy a quick massage after long hours of walking around the conference hall?



The ALIA Information Online 2017 Conference will be held in Sydney on February 13-17, 2017, and is now accepting early bird registrations! You can find more information here and register here.