e-Resource Review: 10monkeys


e-Resource Review is a new series where Digitales staff road-test various e-Resources and sum up their findings in a Digitales Fast Five. Today it’s Mali and Sarah at the driver’s seat, and they’re taking a look at…


Describe this resource in one sentence.

Mali: A fun and interactive learning tool for teaching mathematics to children.

Sarah: Colourful.

You would use this if…

Mali: I had children and wanted to teach them maths, or if I worked in an educational facility.

Sarah: I had to learn maths.


Sample question on 10Monkeys.

It’s suitable for…

Mali: Children and people with learning difficulties, as well as education facilities, including schools and libraries.

Sarah: Those who struggle with maths.

It would be useful for schools and/or libraries because…

Mali: It provides an easy, fun, and interactive experience for children to engage in the process of learning. It also shows an evaluation to easily track progress.

Sarah: Families may not have access to it at home otherwise.

My favourite feature is…


All the happy monkeys!

Mali: The graphics.

Sarah: The happy monkeys and getting the correct answers!

About 10monkeys

10Monkeys-Logo10monkeys is a new math learning tool to help 6-10 year old kids learn basic mathematical skills in a fun game-like environment. It features logical progression and easy navigation, four easily adjustable skill levels and fun jungle, beach, safari and space themes.

Learning can and should be fun; after all, that’s the best way to keep children interested and motivated!

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