e-Resource Review: Art Films Digital

e-Resource Review is a new series where Digitales staff road-test various e-Resources and sum up their findings in a Digitales Fast Five. Today it’s Bre, Mali and Maya at the driver’s seat, and they’re taking a look at…

Art Films

Describe this resource in one sentence.

Bre: A repository of documentaries, independent films, interviews and other visual resources.

Mali: An online resource for streaming educational films.

Maya: A wealth of information presented via video on history and politics to performance art to literature and lots more in between.

You would use this if…

Architecture Module Art Films

Some of the architecture modules.

Bre: I was a student working on a project, or wanted a visual guide to/explanation of a topic I was studying. If I was particularly interested in a certain topic and wanted a more reliable source of information than YouTube I’d also probably use this site.

Mali: I wanted to access a wide variety of films not often found on other platforms, be that for personal education/enjoyment, or within a teaching context for schools/libraries.

Maya: You are researching a specific area, hungry for knowledge or just interested in learning about the world.

It’s suitable for…

Bre: Older teenagers and above. Children and early teens might not have much use for this resource and there are a few videos that probably aren’t appropriate for them to access.

Mali: Anyone! The variety of the content means that anyone wanting access to interesting and educational videos would find something here. It’s also easy to use meaning that it’s accessible for a wide range of people.

Maya: Everybody.

It would be useful for schools and/or libraries because…

Actors on Acting Art Films

Actors on Acting, one of the interviews featured.

Bre: There are a lot of visual resources that would be incredibly useful for students trying to complete school or university assignments, or just gain a better understanding of the topic they’re studying.

Mali: It is a good educational resource and allows for easy access to videos that can be streamed to students/the public.

Maya: It’s an extensive non-fiction collection in the one place, easily accessible from any location. User stats are available including the number of views of each video and the length of time it was viewed, giving organisations valuable insights into patron behaviour and preferences that can then be used for targeted promotion of the library’s resources.

My favourite feature is…

Bre: The comprehensive contents list for each title – you know at a glance if the film covers what you want to know.

Mali: How it’s broken down into categories to easily find what interests you.

Maya: The dashboard stats! Also the range of diverse content.


About Art Films Digital

Art Films LogoContent that can entertain, educate and inform: Art Films Digital is streaming hundreds of exclusive educational videos from top artists and independent producers with unlimited, simultaneous usage, 24/7.

Enrich learning with inspiring, instantly available online content. Public library members are now enjoying online access to the best of the art films collection. Inspiring art films, unique collection of documentaries, independent films, archival footage and training videos, on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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