e-Resource Review: Who Else Writes Like…?


e-Resource Review is a new series where Digitales staff road-test various e-Resources and sum up their findings in a Digitales Fast Five. Today it’s Trish, Pam and Jennifer at the driver’s seat, and they’re taking a look at…

Who Else Writes Like

Describe this resource in one sentence.

Jennifer: Reading recommendations based on author and genre.

Pam: Um – it was interesting but I’ve no idea if there are other similar things out there.

You would use this if…

Stephen King Who Else Writes Like

Who else writes like Stephen King?

Jennifer: If you know what kind of books you like, but you have no idea what to read next. I think we’ve all been there!

Trish: You hadn’t heard of Goodreads.

Pam: If it knew who Lawrence Durrell was! Also, I’m sure you must be able to search by gender but it was the end of the day and I couldn’t see where! Was just thinking of a librarian friend who could use a gender search in conjunction with the Countries option as she was sick of reading “dead white male” authors and this might have gotten her in touch with some female authors from countries other than the west.

It’s suitable for…

Jennifer: Adults and teenagers. I think kids might need more guidance than this site can give.

Trish: Librarians or patrons.

Pam: Suitable for the public and maybe uni libraries with a high arts component.

It would be useful for schools and/or libraries because…

Jennifer: Librarians at school and public libraries get asked for reading recommendations a lot, and nobody can keep all that information in their head. This would be a great way to supplement the knowledge of library staff, especially in genres they’re not into themselves.

The filters for young adult and children’s authors could be really helpful as well, especially if you want to give a young person a book similar to an author whose work might be too mature for them.

Trish: Only if they had the books by the listed authors.

Pam: Useful for schools because kids/young people are used to this format now: “If you like this, try that”. Good for public libraries who are getting more and more into ebooks and/or audiobooks as you can filter down to this format only.

My favourite feature is…

Book Awards List Who Else Writes Like

List of book awards.

Jennifer: The genres can be narrowed down using sub-categories, so can something that interests you more quickly. For example, you can choose which period you like your historical fiction set in, or which country your police investigation takes place in (Scandi crime fiction is suddenly easier to find!).

Trish: The list of book awards.

Pam: The country search.


About Who Else Writes Like…?

Who-Else-Writes-Like-LogoAn online tool that helps introduce both book borrowers and buyers to novelists whose work is unfamiliar to them. It is designed to answer the perennial question “I’ve read all the books by this author, who else writes like that?”, by signposting readers to new material when they’ve exhausted the works of their favourite writers.

Users can simply follow the links to find an author whose books they like, and see which other writers are recommended. They can also search to find Characters, Environments, Occupations, Series or Pseudonyms or browse the A-Z list of over 2,500 authors. The guide also lists prize winners and suggests ‘cross-over’ authors for young adult readers who are in the process of crossing over from reading books suitable for children to tackling adult novels.

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