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e-Resource Review is a new series where Digitales staff road-test various e-Resources and sum up their findings in a Digitales Fast Five. Today it’s Elly and V at the driver’s seat, and they’re taking a look at…

Story Box Library Red Logo

Describe this resource in one sentence.

Elly: Story Box Library is an online collection of children’s stories by Australian authors.

V: The resource seem to target children, with a variety of stories to choose from.

Story Box Library Reading

Actor Ursula Yovich reading Tea and Sugar Christmas, written by Jane Jolly.

You would use this if…

Elly: You were a parent, carer, or schoolteacher of young children, wishing to access a great range of stories for recreational reading or educational purposes.

V: I would use this if there was stories that were for the older generation but also if it was more an audio-book format without the video of authors telling the story.

It’s suitable for…

Elly: Teachers, parents, and children alike!

V: Pre-school to third grade.

It would be useful for schools and or/libraries because…

Elly: A diverse number of stories are easily accessible from one place, which can be used in the classroom during reading time and to elicit discussions. Classroom notes also follow which provide a great starting point for discussions. In addition, as all the stories on this website are written by Australian authors, this is a great resource to use when wishing to explore the diverse literary talents of this country.

V: It would be useful because it would encourage and motivate students to look at books and maybe get into reading later on.

My favorite feature is…

Story Box Library Profiles

Some of the authors and illustrators featured on Story Box Library.

Elly: The interviews with the authors themselves, as these will help children familiarize themselves with the storytellers of such great tales, and perhaps feel inspired to continue reading.

V: A bit to old to really enjoy anything on the site but it is simple and easy to navigate.

About Story Box Library

Story-Box-Library-logoStory Box Library in an Australian online storytelling resource for schools, libraries and families. Story Box Library connects children with literature through the complementary medium of film, providing our audience with a vibrant, interactive experience via a diverse range of storytellers, each sharing past and present book titles.

There are activities, authors, illustrators, teachers’ notes and the best Australian children’s stories for your members to enjoy. Our stellar list of storytellers includes actors, music stars, television personalities andauthors themselves: Missy Higgins, Peter Hitchener, Andy Griffiths, Clare Bowditch, Sally Rippin, Cal Wilson… and many more.

Copyright allows public screening rights in the library to groups.

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