7 Thoughts Every Person Has While at a Library


“This place has nothing,” said no one ever. 

1) “So many books! LET’S TAKE THEM ALL HOME.”

sherlock holmes book gif

2) “According to the online catalog, this book is supposed to be on this self but I can’t find it! THE SYSTEM LIES.”

PONY lies

3) “Should I really bother that librarian?”

librarian glasses

4) “I can stay here forever.”

having fun isn't hard gif 1 having fun isn't hard gif 2

5) “I… I found it. The book I’ve been looking for!”

excited library gif

6) “I really only went for the one book, but ten more wouldn’t hurt.”


7) “My neck is really starting to hurt from all the shelf-reading I’m doing…”


What other thoughts have you had while at a library?