Fast Five Review: Life in Pieces Season 1


2016 | M | Comedy

A family comedy told through the separate stories of different family members.

1) Did you like it?


2) Why?

In the same vein as Modern FamilyLife in Pieces is the story of one big family: Joan and John as elderly parents who are dreading their empty nest and their three grown children, who each have their own lives and families. The cast includes Colin Hanks, James Brolin, Dianne West, etc.

As a comedy series, Life in Pieces might not be ground-breaking, but it is funny and does what it needs to: entertain and make you feel good without being overly complicated.

3) “You would enjoy this series if…”

  • You like Modern Family.
  • You enjoy stories about people getting into crazy, funny situations.

4) “This series made me think…”

About what the second season would be like!

5) Overall rating?


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