What’s New With Busy Things: February 2017


Busy Things might have built its following amongst the 3-6 age group, but it’s certainly too good to just stay there! The popular resource now offers activities for children up to 11 years old.

What is Busythings?

Fun, quirky and colourful, Busy Things is an online resource with plenty of activities for children ages 3-11 in the areas of creative development; problem solving, reasoning and numeracy; knowledge and understanding of the world; as well as communication, language and literacy.

Busy Things is used by more than 4000 schools in the UK and has been aligned with the Australian Curriculum from Early Learning through to Year 5. The online resource is also the winner of the Early Years Digital Content Award at the recent Bett Show.

What’s new with Busythings?

The Miner Birds Maths Game

Added in December, The Miner Birds Maths Game is available for ages 3 to 11 and is a fun, easily customisable game for children who need practice calculating.

BusyThings Miner BirdsPlay against the computer or against friends.

Collect worms by answering maths questions – the more worms – the harder the question. There are also surprise bonuses to discover in the boxes. The first player to 20 worms is the winner.

It costs a worm to dig through a boulder or travel 2 spaces. Have a piece of paper and a pencil at the ready to help you work out the harder questions!

Busy Box Games

Busy Box Sample GameAvailable for ages 3-7, ‘Busy Box’ is a section on Busy Things for quick-fire mini-games for literacy, numeracy, and others. Click on a category and you’ll be taken to a short one-question game, and once you’ve completed that game, you’ll be taken to another one-question game.

Every time you play you’ll earn points, which are then displayed in a leaderboard against other schools or organisations in your area. The more you play, the more you win!

More New Features

  • Brand new look and feel with new subject areas to explore
  • Compatible with iPads, Android tablets, desktop computers and laptops
  • 600+ resources to enhance learning
  • 60+ brand new quizzes to test maths knowledge
  • 100+ new labelling activities to test your general knowledge across various subject areas

Curious? You can request a demo and try it out yourself!