Fast Five Review: I, Daniel Blake (2016)


I, Daniel Blake
2016 | MA15+ | Drama

Widower, Daniel Blake has worked as a carpenter all his life – until now. After suffering a heart attack, he’ finds himself reliant on welfare for the first time. His doctor tells him he’s not fit to return to work, but the system disagrees, demanding he spend hours every week looking for work he can’t accept. When Daniel meets single mum, Katie, who has been forced to move to the area with her two kids, the two form a friendship. Inspired by real-life stories, I, Daniel Blake is a dark tale of modern-day England you won’t forget in a hurry,…

1) Did you like it?

Yes – but see my answer to question three for clarification. I, Daniel Blake is a great film – maybe even a classic – but it will put your heart through the wringer.

2) Why?

This is a powerful, visceral, kick-in-the-guts of a film. I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t a documentary, and the people I was watching were actors.

3) You’ll enjoy this movie if…

Let’s make this clear – you’re not going to enjoy this movie. It’s not that kind of film. But I, Daniel Blake will get you thinking – and it’ll leave you looking at the world in a different way once it’s over.

4) This movie made me think about…

All the real life Daniels and Katies. With the UK seemingly locked in a downward spiral, things are only going to get worse. Plus, this isn’t something that’s only happening in England. The Australian welfare system is just as cruel.

5) Overall rating?