Fast Five Review: Logan

Action | 2017

Logan, aka Wolverine, has seen better days. He’s old, tired and fed up, working as a limo driver to help look after Charles Xavier, who has an incredibly powerful mind that’s slowly being destroyed by a degenerative illness. There have been no new mutants born in the past 25 years, making Logan and Charles among the last of their kind. That’s until Logan encounters a powerful new mutant – a young girl with remarkable powers…and dark forces already on her tail.

1) Did you like it?

That’s an interesting question. I’m not a fan of comic book movies, which doesn’t give me many options when I go the the movies. Marvel? DC? I have no idea which is which.

I think I’ve seen one, maybe two X-Men films at the most. Enough to know that Wolverine is the big guy with the metal claws and Professor X used to run a school for mutants…and that’s about it, really. But that’s pretty much all you need to know to know to enjoy Logan, the endgame to the X-Men franchise – which, let’s face it, will probably be rebooted next week. Don’t get me started on reboots…

So, all that said – I actually didn’t mind this film.

2) Why?

Superhero films have a reputation for being more than a little bit silly. But Logan is much more grown up than the X-Men films I remember. Which means there’s a lot of swearing and graphic violence – but it also means that we’re allowed a more mature, intimate look at these familiar characters, and all their vulnerabilities.

At the same time, this very, very serious film isn’t without its moments of unintentional silliness. It wants so badly to be a western, and wears its influences on its sleeve with an earnestness that’s utterly awkward. Fans of Stranger Things (that’s pretty much everyone, right?) will also find twelve-year-old Dafni Keen’s silent, perpetually hungry, convenience store-robbing character uncannily familiar.

Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have said that this will be the last time they play Wolverine and Professor X, and both give excellent performances. No spoilers from me…


3) You’ll enjoy this movie if…

You’ll probably enjoy this movie more than I did if you’re invested in these characters. While Logan doesn’t rely too heavily on familiarity with the X-Men franchise, I was left with a few questions. Like why people keep calling Logan “James” all the time…and why are there X-Men comics in the film? How does that work? Anyway, needless to say, X-Men fans will love this film.

4) This movie made me think about…

What kind of mutant superpower I’d have, if I could choose one. I’m thinking it’d be pretty cool to be able to keep house plants alive for more than a few weeks. Or maybe the ability to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, instead of hitting snooze twenty times…?

5) Overall rating?