The Digitales Digest – Edition Four

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Welcome back to the Digitales Digest – the post where we share some of the best things we’ve found on social media during the week! We pride ourselves on sharing the most interesting links around, so consider our Digitales Digest posts the very best of the best. With honours.

Babysitters, penguins, whales – and Wonder Woman. They don’t have much in common, but somehow, we managed to cover them all in this week’s post…

All you need is Louvre

louvreIs Wonder Woman the coolest antiquities expert in film since Indiana Jones? No. She’s the coolest antiquities expert in film, ever. End of story. This article not only discusses the latest Wonder Woman film (she works in the Louvre, and it’s featured in the film) but also looks at how the Louvre has played a starring role in films for decades now.

A whale of a job

Also on the subject of museums…

About once a year at New York’s American Museum of Natural History, the time comes again to scrub the whale.

whaleThere’s a life-size model of a blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History, and every year, it has to be cleaned. The entire process takes around two days, requires a cherry-picker lift and a vacuum…and it’s surprisingly hypnotic. Watch it here.

Cover design, by the book

The people at Penguin know a thing or two when it comes to designing iconic book covers. This article on the Penguin blog takes a look at how Penguin covers have changed over the years – and where they’re heading in the future. It’s completely fascinating…and might even leave you longing to hit up your nearest second hand store and start a collection!


Say hello to your friends

Confession time: when I was in my early teens, the girls from the Baby-Sitters club – Kirsty, Claudia, Dawn, Stacey, Mary Anne (and later, Mallory and Jessi) were pretty much my heroes. I read those books until the covers fell off. I’m now in my thirties and my handwriting still kind of resembles Stacey’s.

fanmmartinAnyway. For former BSC devotees, this article in The New Yorker is pure gold. It discusses the genesis of the series, as well as fandom and feminism. Nothing wrong with a little Friday afternoon nostalgia fest…

On the Digitales blog…

I’m not a comic book movie kind of person…but nonetheless, I didn’t mind Logan. It’s the final X-Men movie starring Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart in their iconic roles as Wolverine and Professor X, and it’s out later this month. Here’s our review.loganbw

Happy clicking, and have a great weekend!