The Digitales Digest – Edition Eight

digitales digest banner 2The best thing about social media is that it’s full of interesting articles. Chockers, in fact. The only problem? It can be difficult finding news and views that are right up your alley. We love reading interesting things…and we think we’ve got pretty good taste, if we don’t say so ourselves, which is why every Friday on the Digitales blog, we post the Digitales Digest, our weekly roundup of the best articles, opportunities and more that we’ve discovered and shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past few days.

As a wise philosopher (okay, it was Roxette) once said, “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” – so let’s get started…

Architects hate emoji

Emoticon-Facade_Attika-Architekten-6Yeah, you read that right. Emoji – the cute little symbols that everyone loves – are architecture’s number one enemy. A Dutch architect incorporated emoji into the design of an otherwise traditional apartment building, and the architecture world has responded with a resounding sequence of poop emoji. Read about the kerfuffle here.

Eyes on the prize

The Man Booker Prize longlist is out, and we’re sweeping out bedside tables clean in anticipation of thirteen new arrivals, itching to be read! Seriously, how amazing is this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments who you think will win…but, just so you know, I’m #teamZadie all the way.

Here’s what some of the judges have to say about selecting the longlist…

Do you feel old yet??

Believe it or not, Rick Astley’s most famous song, Never Gonna Give You Up  was released thirty years ago today! Turns out Rick wasn’t kidding when he sung about long-term commitment…

rickrollTo celebrate, Rolling Stone looked at some of the greatest Rickrolls of all time. Click here (no really – this isn’t an elaborate setup) to take a look…and our apologies in advance for getting the song stuck in your head…

Libraries are the bomb. Literally.

On her first day working at the Gleason Public Library in Massachusetts, librarian Abby Noland opened a closet and, at the bottom, buried under some other stuff, found a few artillery shells dating back to the Civil War, with a note saying they were possibly live. “I’ve been a director of libraries for a long time, and this kind of strange stuff just happens”, she said. Here’s what happened next.


On the Digitales Blog…

This week, we reviewed Jasper Jones: a great film, based on a great book. We also took a look at ten of our most exciting new releases for the next month. Choosing just ten was a struggle…

jasperjonesimage1We’ll be back next week with our Fast Five review of one of the year’s biggest debut television series – and plenty more. See you then!

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