The Digitales Digest – Edition Nine

digitales digest banner 2There’s nothing we love more than reading interesting things. Especially on a Friday. That’s why we decided to combine the two. Welcome to the Digitales Digest, where every Friday afternoon, we round up some of the best articles, opportunities and more that we’ve discovered and shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past few days.

What’s caught our attention this week? We’re glad you asked…

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Hint: it’s actually real life. Though you could be forgiven for thinking that these forests are the kinds of places you might expect to run into a pack of roaming adventurers, or maybe even spot an elf or two, these are actually places in the real world. Check out Atlas Obscura’s list of 8 Real-World Forests That Look Like They Belong in a Fantasy Novel – a list compiled by Eric Grundhauser, a name that would definitely sound at home in a fantasy novel as well. What kind of sorcery is this??

fantasyforest fantasyforest2 fantasyforest1

But what if you want to read the one in the middle?

Artist Anouk Kruithof saved 3,500 books that were destined to be recycled and used them to create a stunning, huge work of art. Here’s a close-up look – click here to read more about the project and see the entire sculpture! I kind of want to know whether they’re stuck together or whether the whole thing’s at risk of falling over…

evenmorebooks morebookart

Ham Steaks on a Train

pigkeeperThe Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year has been awarded to The Commuter Pig Keeper – a book about how to balance a city lifestyle and raising pigs. As you do. Personally, we can’t believe Nipples on my Knee didn’t win. Click through to find out about the other shortlisted titles…and find out what on earth Nipples on my Knee is about.


Hey look – we’ve got two arty stories this week! Bio-artist Sarah Craske bought a  three hundred-year-old copy of Ovid’s Metamorphoses from a second hand book store, then used the bacteria she found inside to create art. Gross, but great! Here’s more


On the Digitales blog…

This week, our superstar cataloguer, Jennifer (who is leaving the Digitales team today to take on an exciting new role in Canberra – good luck Jennifer!) reviewed season one of American Gods. Make sure you take a take a look!

americangodsimage2Next week, I’ll be back in the Fast Five reviewing chair, with a look at Get Out. Which should be interesting, given that I usually watch anything scarier than Doctor Who from behind the couch (and, to be honest, sometimes even Doctor Who is too scary for me). Wish me luck…