PauseFest 2018


A few members of the Digitales team had the pleasure of attending PauseFest 2018 last week. Held across a range of venues at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square, it was an inspiring and motivating look at the creative, tech and business world and how these industries can come together to create successful individuals and successful companies.


A catalyst for change, a uniter of all industries, and a platform for the future, Pause brings the world’s foremost thought leaders like Airbnb, NASA, Netflix, Hyperloop, Fast Company, Girls in Tech, This American Life, SXSW, Pixar and Lucasfilm together with local heroes, for one unforgettably action-packed event.


DAY 1, Wed Feb 7

Yeah, But – Group Workshop

The day started with an improv workshop that helped get people up and saying yes, and!. The word but tends to shut down a conversation and implies that your idea is more important. When we say yes, and… we are building upon the ideas of others to create a shared outcome. This helps with collaboration and not being afraid to share your thoughts and ideas.improv


Kick negative thinking, learn how saying yes is key to your business and leave this workshop a more nimble version of you.



Is it Ever OK to Lie in Business? – Susan Brown, Shahirah Gardner, Milly Schmidt, Jessica Box.

This Panel discussed the idea of lying, both on an individual level within a workplace, and on a larger scale for example, when marketing your company. They explored the idea of radical authenticity and what it means to include transparency and honesty within the framework of your business.girlsintech


Creative Chaos Cecilia Ambros – Head of Design Research, Amazon

Ambros presented the importance of creatives in the corporate environment and how their specific way of thinking can be beneficial to business. She explored the idea of altering the linear model so that we’re not so focused on a specific outcome, but rather the idea that an outcome can change and that’s OK!


DAY 2, Thur Feb 8

5 Things Sendle Taught Me About Leadership – James Chin Moody, Founder & CEO, Sendle



Moody discussed strategies on Leadership, which included the five H’s, and how to encourage them from everyone in the workplace.


Happy – How can we all be responsible for the happiness of the office? Is there something that you’d love to implement that you haven’t started the discussion about yet?
Honest – Complete honesty and open communication across the board. Is there anything that team members don’t feel like they can communicate? What are all the ways we can change this?High achievers – Everyone wants to provide the best service for their customers. High achievers remember the bigger WHY for doing the job that they do – and for this they need to be recognized and rewarded.
Hungry – How do you encourage everyone to consciously work towards the shared goal? To be always hungry for constant improvement.
Humble – It doesn’t pay to have high achievers with giant egos. Celebrate your wins and at the same time, remember the efforts of those around you.


How to Build a $12M Business – Tim Ruse, Co-Founder & CEO, Zero Latency

The creators of VR leader Zero Latency shared a little bit about the technical side of the business. However, what they were most proud of was their team. A group of people who all shared the same vision and pushed through the tough/boring/hard times to become the best in their industry. One main point of advice was to recognise the “ninjas” in the team; Those who do every task with the same level of passion. Whether closing a major contract or wiping up the kitchen bench, these people exist everywhere and need to be recognized for their high standards. They’re the secret weapon of every workplace for so many reasons!


DAY 3, Fri Feb 9

5 Lessons From Running a Purpose-Led Business – Simon Griffiths, CEO, Who Gives a Crap

With over 1 million dollars in donations to sanitation projects in developing countries,  Griffiths explained the 5 lessons learnt over the course of his social enterprise’s 5 year climb to success.who gives a crap




How the Ideology of Business Destroys Creativity – Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design

Petty spoke about how his business applied a creativity-centric business model in the development of his company. Shunning traditional approaches to business the company is now a world leader in high-end film and TV production equipment. He presented the idea that problems within a business are good! A problem presents an opportunity for change, improvement and innovation and helps foster creative energy within an individual or a team.shawn-3


Humanising Innovation – Rita Arrigo, Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft

How digital solutions are being made more “human” through advances in fields like AI, machine learning and holographic computing. Real-time language translation during skype conversations, helping blind people to see again using object and facial recognition and even designing and buying your new kitchen using augmented reality are all things made possible through recent advances in technology.


There’s something contagious about being around people who want the best for the companies they work in. Although the event was geared around merging technologies, creatives and business, the larger message spoke to empowering individuals and teams to be their best, in and outside of the office.