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playandlearnWith the holidays fast approaching are you scrambling to find things to entertain the kids (and kids at heart)? Look no further than your local library! Did you know many libraries have console games available to loan for free? As well as lots of fun AND educational resources that you can access from home using your library card. Let’s check out some console games and some e-resources that will be sure to keep everyone entertained over those long summer days.


Just Dance 2020 (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)
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Gather your friends and family and Just Dance like nobody’s watching with Just Dance 2020! The #1 Music Video Game Franchise of All Time is back this Spring. Celebrating 10 years of bringing people together with 40 new hot tracks, more stunning universes and exclusive surprises for the players to discover! 

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville (PS4, Xbox One & PC)
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Welcome to Neighborville, where all is well. Except that a crazy new coniferous conflict between brain-less and botanicals is brewing! What are you gonna do – call the crops? Soil your plants? Prepare to kick some grass in a plant-on-zombie conflict that will take you to the outer edges of Neighborville and back again. Customize Every Character for Battle Join the newest bloom in the age-old battle between plants and zombies!

FIFA 20 (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)
2427887   2427888   2427889

FIFA 20 brings two sides of The World’s Game to life – the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience. FIFA 20 innovates across the game, FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE unlocks an unprecedented platform for gameplay realism, FIFA Ultimate Team offers more ways to build your dream squad, and EA SPORTS VOLTA returns the game to the street, with an authentic form of small-sided football.

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)
2429001   2429002   2429000

In this new platforming adventure hybrid, Yooka and Laylee must combine their abilities to take on a series of challenging and vibrant 2.5D levels and explore and solve puzzles in a beautiful 3D overworld. It’s on them to rescue Queen Phoebee’s Royal Beettalion Guard from each level, as they size up Capital B’s most dastardly challenge yet the Impossible Lair.


Busythings & Busycode
busycode    busythings

Busythings is an amazing, colourful and quirky online resource, full of quirky characters. It’s a fun place to be! With 115+ activities covering four areas for early learning and special needs, including: Creative Development, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Communication, Language and Literacy.
From the creators of Busythings comes Busycode, which introduces very young children (ages 6-11) to coding and teaches them the fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. In other words they can have lots of fun making Beard Man walk and dance!








DoodleMaths & DoodleEnglish
doodlemaths   doodleenglish

DoodleMaths is a multi-award winning maths program that is proven to boost confidence and attainment in maths. The intelligent algorithm will work out your child’s DoodleMaths Age after just a few maths questions answered. It will then automatically adjust maths curriculum-aligned content to them, and adapt to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Challenging and fun questions and games will keep them engaged with daily challenges and learning opportunities.
DoodleEnglish works using the same adaptive technology that drives DoodleMaths, but with a focus on literacy.









Rainforest Coding

Rainforest Coding is a new developing collection of adventures and activities designed to make Scratch programming easier to understand and fun to learn. It features language-based learning for early years and an emphasis on computer safety for ages 2-6 years old. The adventure takes place on the beautiful Echo Island, part of the Crystal Rainforest. Things suddenly turn very ugly for the scientists living on the island when it is attacked by hundreds of evil robots. Can the children help Doctor Han find her way around the old temples, removing the robots in her way? Can they discover what is going on and who is behind the attacks? Will they be able to rescue the other scientist imprisoned by the robots?