Library Lovers’ Day

bannerLibrary Lovers’ Day (Feb 14) is a day to celebrate everything we love about libraries! The theme for this year is ‘Uncover something new’.
Here at Digitales we’ve been reflecting on some of the things we love about libraries, check them out below and share in the love on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #LibraryLoversDay.

“Great public space, supportive of community values and a port in the storm. Abundance of media options for young and old.”

“I love the atmosphere there. It makes you grab any book and read it peacefully.”

“I love the wide variety of products available and the accessibility!” 

“I love that my library has ‘silent reading parties’ in the park.”

“I love the wide range of resources that are found in libraries – namely special collections pertaining to genealogy, arts and culture and Australian history.”

“Free books! What else could you want?!”

“Libraries have NO EXPECTATIONS! They don’t take anything from you, they only give and they give GREAT things.”

“I love the free access to computers and the internet”

“Anyone in all generation enjoy visiting the library. We can get the information we want.”