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5 Food Documentaries Every MasterChef Lover Should Watch


Now that the latest season of MasterChef Australia is well underway, we thought it’ll be good to look at some of the guest judges or past contestants that have brightened the stage alongside George, Mark and Matt! Check out what these TV personalities have done other than appearing on MasterChef. :)  Continue reading

4 Tips on Watching Movies to Learn a Language


There are countless benefits and reasons why people should start watching movies to learn a language. You get to hear how people really talk in a real world scenario. You get to hear how words are really pronounced. Most of all, you get fun and (hopefully) fluency.

The reality, however, is not as simple as that. You don’t watch ten French movies and suddenly become fluent in French. Here are our tips on learning a foreign language by watching movies! Check out our tips on watching movies in pursuit of language learning on Languagenut’s blog!