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Fast Five Review: Pom Poko (1994)


Review by Paul

1. Did you like it?


2. Why/Why not?

I don’t usually like animie but this was enjoyable. It has an interesting, fast-paced storyline with a fun soundtrack. The charming depiction of Raccoon dogs in rural Japan serves as a warning about the downsides of environmental destruction for the sake of progress.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You like animation. Young children will love this film.

4. “This series made me think…”

Of the clash of progress, employment and preservation of nature.

5. Stars out of five?


Fast Five Review: Space Dandy (2014)


Review by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

It’s a fun sci-fi parody. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but it goes for 2 seasons, which in my opinion is a bit much…

2. Why/Why not?

Space Dandy does what it says on the box – he’s a dandy guy: in space! Dandy is a vain, girl-chasing bounty hunter who travels the galaxy looking for new alien species to capture for cash. He travels with an adorable and put-upon robot assistant, and an alien who looks like a cat. There are plenty of puerile and absurd laughs to be had, if that’s what you’re into. The creators have clearly watched a lot of shows like Blakes 7, The Jetsons and UFO (or their Japanese equivalents). The more trashy, low budget vintage sci-fi you’ve seen, the funnier you’ll find this.

3. “You would enjoy this series if…”

You’re really into anime and want to know how Japan would do a show like Red Dwarf (not that this is anywhere near as brilliant as Red Dwarf).

4. “This series made me think…”

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched much anime, and I just don’t understand all its tropes and quirks anymore.

5. Stars out of five?