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Christmas at the Library

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December New Releases

december_blog_bannerThe end of 2018 is here! But before we all head off for the Christmas holidays, let’s take a look at the blockbuster and highly anticipated titles that you could find in your local library in December – to get you through those long summer public holidays.

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A Very She and Him Christmas

A DES Staffer Reflection
‘A Very She and Him Christmas’ draws influence from the 60’s, refreshed. The second track ‘Christmas Day’ brings me back to any sunny afternoon of the summer holidays with my mum. She would always put on a Cassette of Phil Spector’s ‘A Christmas Gift for You’.
On the track ‘Christmas Day’, the vocal delivery of Zooey Deschanel pleasantly reveals Brian Wilson as composer. ‘Little Saint Nick’ is also composed by Wilson. The song has gone through a change from its original version by using a fairly sparse production, with Ukulele; sleigh bells and vocal harmonies (with heaps of harmonies). The album is in some ways a throwback to the 60’s, but the fresh versions of these classic Christmas songs keep the album sounding new.