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Trivia Quiz

A few staff members put together a quiz for the Christmas Party.
Test your knowledge on the films/tv released in 2017! Continue reading

Catablog: 5 of My Favourite Things About Cataloguing at Digitales

Joining us today for the first time as Digitales’ official Catablogger is our Cataloguing Team Lead, Jennifer. Each month, she’ll share calaloguing tips and experiences with you on the blog.

Today she shares a little about her team and 5 of her favourite things about cataloguing at Digitales:

A Little About Cataloguing at Digitales

We have eight cataloguers on staff, all with library qualifications, which in my experience is rare for a library supplier. We also have a trainee who’s learning the ropes in between his other duties. I’ve worked at libraries in the past, and found that life on the supplier side opens up a whole new working environment and a unique set of challenges.


Here are 5 of my favourite things about cataloguing at Digitales:

1. Diversity

Together we have experience in all sectors of the library industry, from public and state libraries to corporate and special libraries. We have a range of education levels, ages and life experiences, which means we bring a range of perspectives to our cataloguing practice. The team includes native speakers of Chinese, Korean and Japanese, along with speakers and students of Russian, Hebrew and a smattering of other languages. This is invaluable when we catalogue world music and cinema!

2. Variety

Cataloguing for a number of libraries makes Digitales a much more dynamic working environment than most technical services departments. Life is never boring. Most of us work remotely in more than one Library Management System, as well as manipulating raw MARC files. It means being flexible and really getting to understanding the impact of each element of a MARC record.

3. Pop Culture Mayhem

My background is in Special Libraries, primarily in engineering and finance. So for me, cataloguing popular entertainment is a breath of fresh air. It comes with its own special moments, too. Horror films are especially, shall we say, interesting… And we get to use the best subject headings – one of my all-time favourites is “Varmint hunting,” which I used for this Discovery Channel reality show.

4. Cataloguing as a Customer Service

As a cataloguer, it’s easy to get obsessive about detail. My cataloguing teacher at Box Hill Institute called this “getting excited about full stops” and it can be a good thing, but sometimes it obscures the real purpose of cataloguing: making library resources more discoverable. Working with a supplier, we really get to see cataloguing as a customer service. It’s not just about what’s technically correct, it’s about what’s right for each library and its patrons.

5. Sharing the Love of Music, Film and Television

The team shares a passion for all areas of music and cinema, from Classical to K-Pop, from American indie films to classic science fiction to Japanese anime, and much more. I’ve discovered new movies, TV shows and bands since I started here that I would otherwise never have known about. And being able to discuss them with my colleagues is like going to the AV equivalent of a book club every day.


I look forward to sharing more cataloguing information and experiences with you. If there’s something in particular you’d like to hear about, please let me know in the comments.

Digitales at BETT 2015

Edward inside an interactive classroom at BETT 2015

BETT 2015 was an impressive display of current and emerging technologies. Robots, 3D simulation, immersive classrooms and the newest hardware, software and online resources were visible as far as the eye could see. As usual, the Digitales team carefully scrutinised one exhibit after another to source the most innovative and engaging digital content.  As well as developing new supply chains, we attended learning technology workshops and gleaned updates from our favourite developers.

Watch this space to hear about new and exciting online resources coming to Australia via Digitales soon.

Maya trying out immersive products


BETT 2015


Digitales at BETT 2015

Stuart Andrews has some great take-homes on his site www.pcpro.co.uk

Robots are Cool

If you’re looking for a way to engage young people in computing, think robots. It doesn’t matter whether you’re plugging an iPod touch into the cheeky, caterpillar-tracked Romo, running Lego elephants and wheels with Lego Mindstorms or connecting a robot claw to the Raspberry Pi; there’s something amazing and instantly exciting about watching something physical respond to the code you’re putting in. Robots encourage logical thinking and planning, and they’re just as much fun when something goes wrong as when everything goes right.

The Basics Matter

Controlling the classroom, monitoring device and internet use, marking and assessment, administration tasks.

When hardware and software developers take the time to make the basics easier, teachers appreciate it and want the products. It gives them more time to think about how they can use the more exciting tech in class

Real and Digital Worlds Combine to Create Blended Reality

Elsewhere at Bett, other software and hardware developers were looking at ways to mix the real and digital to enhance learning, while 3D printing has potential as a way to bring the digital objects into the real world. We’re only just beginning to grasp the potential of all this stuff. There’s a whole world of innovation yet to come.

Great Things Happen When Real and Digital Worlds Combine

HP talked about a vision for Blended Reality, where real-world books, objects and materials combine with digital content to give students a range of approaches to learning. It also showed how virtual objects could be explored and manipulated within education.