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5 Beautiful Movie Libraries to ‘Ooh’ And ‘Aah’ Over


For centuries, libraries have been some of the most spectacular buildings in the world, being the centre for knowledge, information, human innovation and the community.

It’s no surprise that countless movies have featured libraries in their script over the years, taking advantage of their large size and their unique form of architecture. If you love movies and you love libraries, our list of five gorgeous on-screen libraries will thrill you!

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5 Infographics About The Librarian Life


If you ask someone on the streets what they think being a librarian entails, 90% of them will probably say something along the lines of books: checking out books, making sure people are returning them on time, managing fines, stacking the shelves.

In reality, however, the job of a librarian is so much more complicated than that! These five infographics will help you better understand what it takes to be a librarian in the 21st century.

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