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Mini Make Day #2

Melbourne Library Service held their first Mini Make Day in April at the beautiful Library at the Dock. It was a lot of fun, and left the makers of Melbourne wanting more. Mini Make Day #2 was held on Sunday, October 25, and this time they had two floors! Jennifer from Digitales was there, and here is her report.

On the ground floor there was an exhibition space where people could meet some of Melbourne’s makers and hackers:

  • Footscray Maker Lab showed off their HUGE robotic arm and some tech-enhanced art installations. They shared their table with a local ceramicist, showcasing some beautiful vases and cups.
  • Connected Community Hackerspace, A.K.A. my second home. We had a few items on display including an ambient temperature sensor, an Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet and the Eggbot, a computer-controlled robot that writes on table tennis balls. Our member Sarah demonstrated her knitting machine:


  • Nodebots brought along (among other things) a Mirobot, a robot with a pen attached that draws shapes as it drives around a piece of paper.

Mirobot Tweet

  • XYZ Workshop helped spread the 3D printing love with a 3D printed dress and their Ultimaker printer.
  • Girl Geek Academy had a fabulous pink 3D printer and some 3D printed jewellery on display.

GGA Tweet

Upstairs there were more stalls including:

Along with the exhibition spaces, the talks and workshops were a big part of the day:

  • Paul Mignone talked about how 3D printing is being used is scientific research.
  • Connected Community Hackerspace members ran soldering tutorials throughout the day.
  • Melbourne Library Service’s children’s librarians ran programs for kids aged 5-12 on making paper circuits using copper foil, and cute creatures with blinking LED eyes.

I spent most of my day running a wearable electronics workshop, where we made and programmed heart-shaped brooches with embedded LEDs that flash in a heartbeat pattern:

Heart Brooch

Many thanks to Gil “The Kosher Tony Stark” Poznanski from Melbourne Library Service for organising this fantastic event. It looks like he had a great time too!