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Fast Five Review: Moonlight (2016)

2016 | M | Drama

Chiron is growing up poor, African American and gay in one of Miami’s toughest neighbourhoods. His mother is addicted to drugs and he’s relentlessly bullied at school. The odds are stacked against him. In Moonlight, we meet Chiron three times: the first as a child, the second as a teenager and the third as an adult.

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Fast Five Review: Jane the Virgin Season 1

Jane Season 1

2014 | Drama, Comedy

Jane Villanueva Cordero is a student teacher, an aspiring writer and a devout Catholic – but when she becomes pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine checkup, Jane’s whole life becomes as complicated and unpredictable as the telenovelas she watches with her mother and grandmother every day.

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Fast Five Review: The Hateful Eight (2015)


2015 | R18+ | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Reviewed by Bre

In the dead of a Wyoming winter, a bounty hunter and his prisoner find shelter in a cabin currently inhabited by a collection of nefarious characters. Continue reading

Fast Five Review: Ex Machina (2015)


2015 | MA15+ | Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery
Reviewed by Monika

A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breath-taking humanoid A.I. Continue reading

Fast Five Review: Inside Out (2015)



1. Did you like it?


2. Why?

Inside Out is the story of 11-year-old Riley and the emotions that live in her mind: Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. When Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life into the hilly streets of San Francisco, she struggles to adjust to her new life. It’s up to the emotions now to help her.

The storyline might sound simple, but Inside Out actually has a lot of depth that both adults and children can enjoy, offering you with a unique look into mental and emotional health. More importantly, like all Pixar films, this movie has heart and comes with the full spectrum: action and adventure, family and friendship, laughter and tears.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You like children’s movies with emotional depth or you’re in love with all Pixar films.

4. “This movie made me think…”

That all emotions are equally important. We’re always more eager to accept joy rather than sadness, fear, disgust or anger, but in Inside Out, all these emotions play a very significant part in Riley’s life.

5. Stars out of five?

Five. From the little visual details to the overall narrative, Inside Out was just simply brilliant.

Fast Five Review: Birdman (2014)


Reviewed by Celia

1. Did you like it?

Loved it- it very much lived up to its award (Golden Globe for best screen play I think).


2. Why/Why not?

It was very postmodern in that it contained a lot of intertextual references, which I love. While this is a story being told a lot recently- washed up actor struggling with the fact that they are no longer relevant and trying to recreate their previous fame, I think it’s one of the best portrayals.


3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You enjoy discussions around the dinner table about possible meanings and references the film was making.


4. “This movie made me think…”

About a lot of things; love, fear, depression.


5. Stars out of five?

Five- it’s one of those films that you simply have to see. Even if you don’t end up loving it like I did its one of those films you need to see.


Coming soon to DVD and Blu-Ray.

Fast Five Review: Interstellar (2014)



1. Did you like it?

I loved it! Fair warning though, I’m also a big fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2. Why/Why not?

The film begins with an apocalyptic scenario – crops are failing at an alarming rate and society has regressed to subsistence farming just to stay alive. The end is nigh and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. The only way to save humanity is to leave Earth behind. But despite its desolate settings and the difficult ethical dilemmas it navigates, Interstellar is full of hope.

This is a classic “hard sci-fi” with silent space scenes and a heavy dose of theoretical physics. But it also has a strong human element and a dry sense of humour. It embraces the esoteric as well as established scientific facts, which reminded me of masterful ‘60s sci-fi authors like Asimov and Heinlein.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You’re into the kind of panoramic, visually stunning space films that get NASA consultants in to help them with the physics and astronomy. Think 2001, Moon and Gravity.

4. “This film made me think…”

About why so many science fiction fans online have said they don’t like it. These days we’re used to gritty, dystopian sci-fi, and by contrast Interstellar maintains optimism against all odds. The way it talks about the power of love and family is sentimental and sometimes verges on the supernatural, but I actually enjoyed that contrast.

5. Stars out of five?



Coming to DVD in 2015.

Fast Five Review: Frozen (2013)


Review by Jennifer

1.Did you like it?

Yes, I loved it!

2. Why/Why not?

When I was a kid I watched our VHS copy of Aladdin so many times, the tape wore out. So I was excited to see that Frozen is something of a return to form for Disney, bringing back all the great the memories of their animated movies of the 90s. The animation is all CG these days of course, but somehow that classic Disney look and feel is still there. The songs are catchy, the characters are charming and their animal (and snowman) sidekicks are adorable. But then again, something’s different too – it is the 21st Century after all, and Disney has moved with the times. The themes and values have shifted. Princess Anna’s story turns the traditional love-at-first-sight romance on its head. And as Elsa the Snow Queen struggles with her magical powers, we get a more nuanced view of the struggle between good and evil, right and wrong.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if… “

You love your Disney Princesses, but wish that Ariel had been given the chance to find her own place in the world above before going and marrying her prince.

4. “This movie made me think…”

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

5. Stars out of five?

5 out of 5 – brilliant!