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Fast Five Review: Justice League Dark (2017)


2017 | M | Animated, Action, Fantasy
Reviewed by Jennifer

Beings with supernatural powers join together to fight against supernatural villains. This team of supernatural beings include John Constantine, Zatanna and Jason Blood also known as the demon Etrigan.

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Fast Five Review: Moana (2016)


2016 | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain’s daughter’s island, she answers the Ocean’s call to seek out the Demigod to set things right.

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Fast Five Review: Attenborough’s Life That Glows


2016 | G | Documentary, Nature
Reviewed by Jennifer

Sir David Attenborough explores the world of bio-luminescence, the often spectacular natural light produced by some creatures. Specially designed cameras reveal nature’s leading lights. Continue reading

Fast Five Review: Cats Uncovered (2014)


2014 | G | Documentary

Aloof. Disdainful. Vicious. Or friendly, fluffy balls of fur who just want to be loved. Opinions on cats tend to differ though one thing is sure – they occupy a very special place in the hearts of many. But how much do we really know about them? This fascinating and revealing series investigates every aspect of the lives of this often-misunderstood species. Continue reading

Fast Five Review: Chappie (2015)



Review by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

Yes, very much. It’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

2. Why/Why not?

The title character in Chappie is a robot who’s given consciousness, which is not a new concept in science fiction by any means. But the way it’s done here is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is partly due to the unique South African point of view that Neill Blomkamp brings to all his films – Chappie is rough-and-ready in a way that you usually wouldn’t expect from a sci-fi film, especially one dealing with futuristic technology. Blomkamp’s District 9 had this same brutal perspective, and ruthlessly hammered it home all the way through. But despite its brutal aspects, Chappie has some truly heartwarming moments, accentuated by a feral sense of humour.

All this is enhanced by the fact that, for most of its duration, Chappie is basically Die Antwoord: The Movie. The Cape Town rap group is famous (infamous, perhaps) for their extreme, in-your-face style. They really are perfect for this movie, but if you hate their abrasive, gangster personas then you won’t enjoy the film.

Also, fun fact: The robot design for Chappie is based on a 2006 Blomkamp short film called Tempbot which you can watch online.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

You’re looking for something really original and different, and don’t have a problem with violence and strong language. Also, if you’ve always wondered what a robot with an Afrikaner accent would sound like…

4. “This movie made me think…”

Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord must look at American gangsta rappers and think “man, you have NO idea…”

5. Stars out of five?


Fast Five Review: Dig (2015)



Reviewed by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

Yes. Especially later in the season, the cliffhanger at the end of each episode made me want to watch the next one as soon as possible.

2. Why/Why not?

I always love finding movies and TV shows with an international  perspective, and that’s what got me interested in Dig, especially since much of it takes place in Jerusalem, and my family has an Israeli connection. I also often enjoy shows with a supernatural or paranormal element, so that ticks another box.

Moving between Israel and the US, Dig tells the story of a grand conspiracy, drawing inspiration from Holy Land archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish mysticism. The story is told through the experiences of a diverse group of characters: FBI agents deployed in Jerusalem, an Israeli cop, a naïve young Orthodox Jewish man, an American woman involved in a secretive Christian sect. I suspect Dig could be considered fairly offensive to a strictly orthodox Jew or a practitioner of Kabballah. But since I’m neither, I found it an intriguing spin on the old TV trope of the detective who uncovers a big secret that goes way over his head.

3. “You would enjoy this series if…”

You like intrigue and mystery, with an esoteric/conspiracy bent. I think fans of The X-Files, NCIS and some of the other more quirky criminal investigation shows would like Dig.

4. “This series made me think…”

That clearly I retained more from my primary school Hebrew classes than I thought – I was able to pick up a pretty good range of words in the Jerusalem scenes.

5. Stars out of five?



Fast Five Review: Space Dandy (2014)


Review by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

It’s a fun sci-fi parody. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but it goes for 2 seasons, which in my opinion is a bit much…

2. Why/Why not?

Space Dandy does what it says on the box – he’s a dandy guy: in space! Dandy is a vain, girl-chasing bounty hunter who travels the galaxy looking for new alien species to capture for cash. He travels with an adorable and put-upon robot assistant, and an alien who looks like a cat. There are plenty of puerile and absurd laughs to be had, if that’s what you’re into. The creators have clearly watched a lot of shows like Blakes 7, The Jetsons and UFO (or their Japanese equivalents). The more trashy, low budget vintage sci-fi you’ve seen, the funnier you’ll find this.

3. “You would enjoy this series if…”

You’re really into anime and want to know how Japan would do a show like Red Dwarf (not that this is anywhere near as brilliant as Red Dwarf).

4. “This series made me think…”

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched much anime, and I just don’t understand all its tropes and quirks anymore.

5. Stars out of five?


Fast Five Review: Odd Thomas (2013)


Odd Thomas

Reviewed by Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

It wasn’t particularly special, but it was pretty entertaining.

2. Why/Why not?

Odd Thomas is just an ordinary guy who works in a small-town diner. Except that he can see ghosts and demonic creatures, and has a talent for helping restless spirits to find peace and move on. Naturally, he also has a great working relationship with the local police chief and passes him tip-offs about baddies from beyond the veil.

Overall Odd Thomas is a fun movie, if a bit too self-consciously quirky. It’s based on a novel by Dean Koontz, but it has a bit of a comic book feel about it. I felt like there was some in-jokes for the fans that I didn’t get. There are some gore and horror elements, and maybe I’m just desensitised, but to me they weren’t too horrifying. The relationship between Odd and his girlfriend is deliberately cutesy and (there’s that word again) quirky, so you have to get past that as well.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”  4. “This series made me think…”

You enjoy quirky, supernatural-themed TV shows like Dead Like Me and Grimm. It has some of the same brand of dark humour.

 5. Stars out of five?