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Fast Five Review: Tony Robinson’s Time Walks Series 1 (2012)


Reviewer – Jennifer

1. Did you like it?

Yes. It took a couple of episodes to really get into the swing of things, but it was really quirky and entertaining.

2. Why/Why not?

I have some memories of watching Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden as a kid, and Tony Robinson uses the same manic style of narration here while exploring of some of Australia’s cities, suburbs and towns. Passers-by get dragged into the picture, helping to tell the stories of what happened there in the past. At one point Robinson even ends up in a private home re-enacting a Victorian-era domestic dispute. He revels in the violent and salacious tales of early white settlement, and dredges up some more recent history as well, especially in Brisbane where he paints a colourful picture of the WWII years. Somehow even in Sydney and Melbourne he manages to mostly stay off the beaten track, revealing bizarre facts, dirty secrets and eccentric characters that even the locals might not know about.

3. “You would enjoy this series if…”

You’re the kind of person who enjoys wandering the city on foot and peeking down all the side streets and laneways you can find.

4. “This series made me think…”

How much I’d love to visit Hobart again and explore it some more.

5. Stars out of five?