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Fast Five Review: Jane the Virgin Season 1

Jane Season 1

2014 | Drama, Comedy

Jane Villanueva Cordero is a student teacher, an aspiring writer and a devout Catholic – but when she becomes pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine checkup, Jane’s whole life becomes as complicated and unpredictable as the telenovelas she watches with her mother and grandmother every day.

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Fast Five Review: Cats Uncovered (2014)


2014 | G | Documentary

Aloof. Disdainful. Vicious. Or friendly, fluffy balls of fur who just want to be loved. Opinions on cats tend to differ though one thing is sure – they occupy a very special place in the hearts of many. But how much do we really know about them? This fascinating and revealing series investigates every aspect of the lives of this often-misunderstood species. Continue reading

Fast Five Review: The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Skeleton Twins


Reviewed by Naomi

1. Did you like it?


2. Why/Why not?

Estranged twins Maggie and Milo (Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader) reconnect after they independently have near death experiences but they are not happy to see each other. As the movie progresses and their present day trainwreck lives are explained, we gradually find out what led to their estragement.

It’s a pretty full on viewing and definitely well made, great script, great acting, but it’s not a feel-good indie movie. I usually like indie films for their bitter-sweetness, but this one erred on the side of bitter more than sweet. Having said that, there’s some great moments where the chemistry between Wiig and Hader is genuinely indearing and reminds me of the best kinds of adult siblings relationships.

3. “You would enjoy this movie if…”

If you’re an indie fan.

4. “This film made me think…”

There was a lot of life decisions to cringe at. I cringed a lot.

5. Stars out of five?